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Welcome to boysintheband_x! We are a community dedicated to the idea of all kinds of bandslash living together in harmony. It will probably feature mostly My Chemical Romance, at least in the beginning, since that is my primary fandom, but I'd love to see lots of other ones as well. Why join? Sure, there are lots of bandslash communities out there, but this one has some special things about it. Look around, and maybe you'll like what you see!

What is slash? If you didn’t know, slash is a type of fiction that involves same-sex pairings. That being said, if you are uncomfortable with the subject of homosexuality, this community is not for you. The type of slash you will find in this community involves real people, but is all 100% fictional, and written purely for entertainment purposes.

Like? JOIN!

Looking for a certain band/pairing? Look through our archive to find what you’re looking for easily! We now house fic for over 18 bands, and that number is increasing!

  • ONLY SLASH MAY BE POSTED HERE. This is a slash community, and therefore, only stories featuring same-sex pairings will be permitted. Heterosexual side-pairings are allowed, but that is all. Also, seeing as this is a bandslash community, only slash involving members of bands may be featured. Original characters, while allowed, should be kept to a minimum.

  • All stories must be posted under a livejournal cut. No exceptions.

  • All stories must have the following in their introductions, above the cut:
(in other words, the band or bands included)
Pairing (BE SPECIFIC. If you list your pairing as “whoever you imagine” or something like that, chances are, your characterizations suck. You have to have a pairing in mind when you are writing slash, otherwise I could just pick up some random romance novel, replace the names with the names of whoever I want, and have a really boring story. Also, I don’t like surprise pairings either. I won’t reject you for it, but they will be generally frowned upon)
Rating (if the rating is above an “R,” the post must be members-locked. If you fail to do this yourself, I will leave you a comment asking you to do so. If you don’t do it within a day or so, I will delete your entry).
Warnings, if applicable (some examples of warnings would be explicit descriptions of sexual acts, graphic violence, rape, AU, etcetera).
(simplicity is encouraged; a simple "fake" will do)
Concrit (write if you would like to receive constructive criticism or not)

  • Correct spelling and grammar is a MUST. Betas are encouraged, but not required. Make sure your story is accurate grammatically before submitting it if you decide against a beta. Use spell-check, look over your sentence structure, and check our common mistakes post to make sure you haven’t made any of them. If you are unsure about your ability to write in a grammatically correct fashion, get a beta (see below for a list of available ones through the community). DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY. All posts will be moderated, and if I see more than just a few typos in your post, I WILL reject it. I am extremely picky, and this is probably the biggest factor that sets this community apart from others. I will be more lenient in the beginning, because we’ll never get any approved posts if I’m crazy, but just keep this in mind.

  • You may not promote other communities. However, if you would really like to, send me an email with a link to the community, what you would like to say, and any images you want to include, and I will periodically post a list of advertisements. In the beginning, it will probably only be once a month or so, but as the community grows, it may be more often.

  • Stories must be formatted like stories. This means that they must be broken up into paragraphs, and cannot be in the form of instant message conversations or other similar formats. All-dialogue posts will not be accepted. I understand that such things can be amusing if done right, but this is not a place for them.

  • Post often, but not too often. Right now since the community is tiny, I will be rejoicing at any post, so please go right ahead. However, for the sanity of the mod and the watchers of this community, please limit your posts to once a day, especially for the same story. This is in no way a problem as of now, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

  • Leave comments. Be an active member of the community. I'm not going to be a nazi about it, but please, don't just silently lurk. We'd all love to hear your voice. :)

  • Cross-posting is allowed, but please state that you have done so above the cut. It just makes things less confusing for people going down their f-list.

  • Fake cuts are your friend. I adore fake cuts. They are not mandatory, but they are embraced. Use them—they keep all your comments in one place. Just make sure that the entry you link to is not friends-only, because that is really freaking annoying.

  • Off topic posts are allowed, as long as they have something to do with bandslash. If more off-topic posts surface than stories, however, I will have to ban them. NOTE: even off-topic posts must be under a cut, especially if images are included.

  • Tag your entries. But if you don’t do it, I will, so don’t worry about it too much. This is so someone who is looking for fics from a specific band or pairing can find a list of them easily.

  • Friends-lock NC-17 posts. Keep in mind that this means you lock the post on this community, not on your journal or another community if it’s a fake cut. If you do this, nobody will be able to read it, and that’s just not fun.

  • Don't be an asshole. This is pretty obvious, but I might as well say it anyway. If you are having any problems with other users, talk to me about it, and I'll figure something out.

  • I don’t hate you. Really, I don’t. If I reject your post, do not take it personally. Don’t take any criticism I give personally, either. There’s a big difference between, “I spotted a few mistakes in your writing,” and, “You suck, soandso, go die.” Just keep that in mind. It’s hard for me to be tough because I generally don’t like to even take the chance that I may be hurting someone’s feelings, so don’t make it any harder for me.

  • Questions? Ask at our official question thread. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Comments? Suggestions? Email me, leave a comment on my journal, or leave it on the questions thread.

  • PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! Again, not mandatory (what am I going to do, stalk you to make sure you've promoted?), but it is greatly, greatly appreciated, and for your own good. I'd love to see this community thrive, and if nobody knows about it, how is that possible? So snag some icons and banners (see below), name-drop on occasion, and just generally spread the word. It'll definitely help you get on the mod's good side. :D

I will generally write the reason in the reject box, so make sure you read the email before asking me a question. Either way, here’s an outline of the basic reasons:

  • Poor grammar/spelling. I'm really cracking down on this. Chances are, if this is the reason, you already know. Look over it again, edit it, maybe even get a beta, and then resubmit it. If you resubmit it without editing it, I will reject it again. If you resubmit it again without editing it, I will ban you. I'm not going to go crazy, like if I had to reject three different entries you submitted I'll ban you. I'm not mean, just picky. :) Oh, and check out our common mistakes post to see if you have been making any.

  • No disclaimer. Disclaimers are for everyone's good, so make sure you have one.

  • No specified pairing. This really bothers me whenever I see it. The story could be amazingly written, but if there’s no pairing, how do I know if everyone’s in character? The point of writing about someone is to capture his or her personality in your own way, and if you don’t even know about whom you are writing, how are you supposed to do that? So yes, please, please write a specific pairing.

  • Summary that tells the reader nothing. The purpose of a summary is to engage your potential reader with a few short sentences. Summaries should give the reader some idea of what they will find beneath the LJ cut. If you submit a story with a simple, uninformative "I suck at summaries," I will reject it. On the flip side, if your summary is half the size of your story, your post will also be rejected. That being said, stories with no summaries whatsoever will also be rejected.

  • You broke a rule. Go over the above list, and maybe you'll figure it out.

  • Still don't know why? Email me, leave a comment on my journal, or on our official question thread.
  • Want to be an affiliate? Great! Leave a comment here, or send me an email!

  • I'm nice, I really, really am. I may sound strict and bitchy, but I'm really not. Well, unless grammar is involved. Anyway, if you have any problems whatsoever, feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to fix them or help you out. The same applies for the other mods—we’re all very nice people. :D

  • Want to be a beta? Ohhh, how grateful we will be. Fill out this application, and leave it in a comment. If you qualify, you will be added to our beta list.

  • Make us a banner or icon! I will love you forever and ever, and you'll win immortal glory by having your name posted in the userinfo!

  • Yeah, so, we also need a layout. I'm just using a random one at the moment, but I'd love to have a more personalized one. Also, a userinfo table would make me so happy, you have no idea. We now have one thanks to catbrains! If you still want to make one, go ahead, and maybe I’ll change it in a couple months. Maybe. I like this one. :D

Name: Sarah
Position: Maintainer/moderator
Journal: periculosa
AIM: Princesspepper11 (but hardly ever on, sorry)
Email: sarahfaith@nyc.rr.com
Resides in: New York City (that means Eastern Standard Time)
Favorite bands: My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Brand New, Fall Out Boy, Straylight Run, Aiden, Jack Off Jill, The Used.
Writing: here.

Name: Kate
Position: Moderator
Journal: _thesummerends
AIM: abortionofsound
Email: thesummerends_@hotmail.com
Resides in: Fairbanks, Alaska, US
Favorite bands: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes, Say Anything, Midtown, The Academy Is…, Fall Out Boy.
Writing: here.

Name: Ellie
Position: Moderator
Journal: moondarri
AIM: elliemoondarri
Email: sleepingwithparadize@hotmail.co.uk
Resides in: Reading, England.
Favorite bands: Placebo, MCR, FOB & associated dudes, Nine Inch Nails, The Birthday Massacre, The Dresden Dolls, Indochine.
Writing: focusfixated

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Want to be an affiliate? Apply here or email me.

RELOCATED, because it got too long. See the full list here.

These are just the people who have volunteered through the community. Feel free to find your own elsewhere, if you want. :)
Want to be a beta? Apply here.
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