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Boys In The Band
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20th-Jan-2009 12:32 am - Enumerationantagonism [10]
ALL things
Title: Enumerationantagonism
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/William Beckett
Rating: Still mostly harmless.
Genre(s): MentalDisorder!fic
Summary/Excerpt: He slides the top paper behind the others and runs his eyes quickly over the words on the next one. It's a set of questions, descriptions of feelings and behaviors with multiple-choice answers ranging from "very much like me" to "not at all like me". He shuffles a few more pages ahead, to the end of the questions, wanting to get to the point of it all.
The words on the last page, in bold type, stand out to him, though: High tendency (90% or more) towards Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Social Anxiety.

Disclaimer: Once upon a time, a couple of internet scene bitches said they were going to call the real Gabe Saporta and read him my story over the phone. So if that ever really happens, or if you stumble upon this any other way, sorry, Gabe! :s [My disclaimers are distancing themselves more and more from actually disclaiming anything with every entry...]
Notes: It's back from the dead for, what, the fourth time? I think it's run out of undead creatures to be. >.> No, wait, I don't think it's been a Frankenstein yet. So that's what it is.

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09]

Jonathan Timothy Makeup
Title: It Starts With A Phone Call
Author: havah24601 
Fandom: Cobra Starship
Pairing: Alex Suarez/Nate Novarro
Rating: T
It starts with a phone call. Nate’s cell rings and he can’t hear the tone, but he feels it vibrate against his hip. He sets his food down and hops on to the bus, leaving the parking lot so that he can better hear the caller. “Nate here,” he says, shutting the door to the empty bus. “What?” his heart drops and his face falls.
Disclaimer: This is about as real as the Loch Ness Monster - could be, but no one knows.
Concrit: Sure, why not?</lj>

It Starts With A Phone Call...
6th-Jun-2008 04:36 pm - Shadow Hanging Over Me (standalone)
Title: Shadow Hanging Over Me (standalone)
Author: rhymeswithway
Rating: G
Pairing: Ryden
POV: Ryan's
Summary: I was the first one to notice that something was wrong with Brendon.
Disclaimer: Don't own. Title is from Yesterday by The Beatles.
Beta: etchedecho
Author Notes: Comments are love :) This is cross-posted.

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be.Collapse )
28th-Mar-2008 02:07 pm - Challenge Community Ad!

Welcome, Wilkommen, to </a></b></a>thetasteofhoney, a team challenge for classic films.

Recast your favorite Audrey Hepburn or Humphrey Bogart film here, and go up against a member of the opposite team to see who did the best. At the very end of the challenges, there will be one huge vote, and we'll see which team -- and individual member -- came out on top.

You can choose which team, and then which film, you'd like to re-write, casting 'bandom' members as the characters.

Example: Paris When It Sizzles (1964), with (?) playing Audrey Hepburn's role, and (?) playing William Holden's role.

* In addition to each mini-challenge in writing, you can also produce your own soundtrack to your story, and there will be a subsequent winner for the best mix.

* Every week, videos will be posted from each actor/actress's movies, for inspiration and great laughs.

If you'd like to sign up for </a></b></a>thetasteofhoney's first round: Audrey vs. Humphrey, post:
post here for TEAM AUDREY
and here for TEAM HUMPHREY.

important links;
audrey hepburn's filmography
humphrey bogart's filmography
team humphrey sign ups
team audrey sign ups
27th-Mar-2008 07:41 pm - Redrawing the Lines [4/4]
mood| mood]

Title: Redrawing the Lines [4/4]
Author: vinylsigns/ladyofthequill
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Word Count:
Pairing: Patrick/Pete
Warnings: Kidfic. Angst.
Disclaimer: Fanfiction
Summary: The mutual decision to dissolve Fall Out Boy has lead each on his own path. Andy joins up in another band, Joe settles down with his girl, Patrick continues to produce albums for his old label, and Pete still has Clandestine. But after almost six years apart, will Patrick help a friend in need?

Previous parts: the first, the second, the third

JEEZ, this took me way longer than it should have to finish. My sincerest apologies, guys, I promise I'll never do that again ;__;

After the jump
16th-Mar-2008 10:08 pm - As the World Falls Down {standalone}
Title: As the World Falls Down {standalone}
Summary: Advice to follow: Never fall in love with your best friend.
Author: Me- mamoo13
Pairing: Frank/ Gerard
Rating: R to be safe
POV: 1st- Frank's
Disclaimer: It's only real in my head...
Author's Notes: Just a random story I came up with after my best friend asked me out...
Title and cut text thanks to David Bowie
Warnings: Language, boykissing, brief mention of sex
Beta: My girlfriend ♥

As the pain sweeps through, makes no sense for you…
11th-Mar-2008 10:31 pm - Bob/Spencer - Take a Chance on Me
Hair Pron
Title: Take a Chance on Me
Authors: dalehead
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Bob/Spencer
Word Count: 765
Summary: Spencer has a secret.
Warnings: This is very silly
Author's Note: This is for my beloved f_lexi_ble because without her I would have given up on PaTD!

Take a Chance on Me
10th-Mar-2008 08:46 pm - From Silent Dreams {3/5?}
Title: From Silent Dreams {3/5?}
Summary: Frank is a psychic who has only begun to realize his powers.
Author: me… mamoo13
Pairing: Frank/ Mikey
Rating: R (may go up)
POV: Frank
Disclaimer: Not real. Too lazy to come up with a clever disclaimer.
Author's Notes: Not sure if this will go far. I'll continue if people like it...
Warnings: Guns, homophobia, discrimination
Previous Chapters:
{Starless eyes for Heaven’s sake}
{Every hour, on the hour, they drew blood (ch.1, pt.1)}
{And I felt I couldn’t take another day inside this place (ch.1, pt 2)}
{But I hear you anyway}

{Well I thought I heard you say, ‘I like you…’}
16th-Mar-2008 12:00 am(no subject)
WTF. My. Life.
Title: Black and White: Ch. 8 (Deadly Sin; We Are Fireflies Between The Hands Of God)
Author: Aceles
Fandom: MCR
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: R
Summary: Boys are jealous. Boys touch. Boys fight. Brooms have hurt more than just Cinderella.
Notes: It's been a long, long time. Hi again, people!
Disclaimer: Fake.
Warnings: Swearing, implied violence, cuteness. Be warned!
Concrit: Yep, as long as it's kind.

( And we are simply dancers on a string. )
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