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What Looks Like Angst on an Ordinary Day 1/5 
21st-May-2008 01:01 am
green skull
Title: What Looks Like Angst on an Ordinary Day
Author: un_related
Pairing: Jon Walker/Frank Iero, Bob Bryar/Spencer Smith, Jon Walker/Adam Lazzara
Rating: NC-17/Mature
Jon does keep losing his head. He’s been beheaded four times (it’s his preferred way to go, fairly clean when the executioner knows how to do it right, much better than strangulation or drowning), and it’s always over the same girl. Even if sometimes, he does forget her name. Angel AU; part of my Lost Time series wherein Frank is the Angel of Death.
Disclaimer: Fictional events. While I may view music as my own personal religion, I do not believe these boys truly have wings. Pity.
Author's Note: isolde13 asked for "Jon. Angst. Slash." Little did she know what she would get. This is, as mentioned, part of a greater series. This can be read without reading those, but there is reference made to events occurring in Guernica and Contagion. Many many many thanks to daisyjanesaw for the beta. Finally, the songs for the cut texts are all from My Chem, except for the lines from "Behind the Sea" by Panic at the Disco.

Hear the Sound/The Angels Come Screaming Down

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