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28th-Mar-2008 02:07 pm

Welcome, Wilkommen, to </a></b></a>thetasteofhoney, a team challenge for classic films.

Recast your favorite Audrey Hepburn or Humphrey Bogart film here, and go up against a member of the opposite team to see who did the best. At the very end of the challenges, there will be one huge vote, and we'll see which team -- and individual member -- came out on top.

You can choose which team, and then which film, you'd like to re-write, casting 'bandom' members as the characters.

Example: Paris When It Sizzles (1964), with (?) playing Audrey Hepburn's role, and (?) playing William Holden's role.

* In addition to each mini-challenge in writing, you can also produce your own soundtrack to your story, and there will be a subsequent winner for the best mix.

* Every week, videos will be posted from each actor/actress's movies, for inspiration and great laughs.

If you'd like to sign up for </a></b></a>thetasteofhoney's first round: Audrey vs. Humphrey, post:
post here for TEAM AUDREY
and here for TEAM HUMPHREY.

important links;
audrey hepburn's filmography
humphrey bogart's filmography
team humphrey sign ups
team audrey sign ups
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